Presenting your property for sale

Sept 18

Living in your home and selling it are two entirely different things.

I often get asked "what can I do to increase the price for my home?" Here's four things you can do while you are getting ready to sell.

  • Remove as much furntiure and decor as you can. Buyers need to be able to visualise their own furniture and decor in the space. Lots of decorative items in a room can make it feel smaller and more cramped than it is.
  • Clear out your cupboards and leave only what's necessary. Can you survive with fewer towels, cups and pantry items during the sale? Not only will your cupboards look tidy and more roomy, but you will have made a good start on packing.
  • Spring clean your wardrobe. There will be less to pack when you do have to move. A crowded wardrobe can highlight that the home doesn't have enough storage.
  • Have your garage sale now rather than when you move. You don't want to pay for removal of things that you don't want to keep.

And if you have nowhere to store what you've packed, use your garage if you have one or pick one room in the house to put it in. Most buyers don't expect a neat garage (although it's great if yours is) and one untidy cramped room is usually understood by purchasers - you're moving after all.

Finally, if you are motivated to pick up a paint brush - paint your room white!